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Types of Foundations in Dallas.

Whether you have an older home or a new build, there are two types of home foundations typical to the area.

Slab-on-grade foundations are commonly used in areas with expansive clay soil, such as Texas has. Many newer homes in the area built since the late sixties have been tract home subdivisions using this technique due to the cost to time ratio. It's essential that builders address drainage issues to prevent foundation problems later down the road. Slab on grade foundations are shallow

PIER AND BEAM FOUNDATIONS - house sits elevated
Pier and beam foundations incorporate a crawl space (usually at least 18 inches) beneath the home with footings filled with concrete to support the slab. The crawl space allows for repairs to pipes (without having to break through a slab as in with slab on grade foundations. Pier and beam is a better choice for the North Texas area - but not cost effective for home builders.

CornerStone Foundations specializes in foundation repair for both slab on grade and pier on beam.

Our priority is to restore your homes' structural integrity to your complete satisfaction.

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The true sign of a service provider professional is one that can educate as well as resolve issues that arise at your home.

At CornerStone Foundation Inc., we pride ourselves in the ability to use our knowledge and resources to locate and resolve your home's foundation needs.

We'll educate you on the cause, provide recommended solutions and inform you on the best ways to maintain your home's structure after we've completed.

Contact us to learn which solution is best for your home.