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CornerStone Foundation Repair uses the simple, time-proven method of installing deep-drilled concrete piers to raise and repair foundations. This is the same technique used in high-rise building and highway overpass construction. In fact, pier methodology has been successfully used since the time of the great Egyptian pyramids.





Deep-drilled concrete piers are steel, reinforced concrete piers that are drilled 9 - 15 feet into the soil directly under the portion of the foundation that requires stabilization. Depending on the soil and the weight of the foundation, either single or double shaft deep-drilled concrete piers are placed in uniform intervals along the foundation perimeter where settling or rotation has occurred.


After the cement piers have cured from five to seven days, the foundation is raised using hydraulic jacks, and CornerStone places solid concrete blocks between the foundation and the piers. Steel shims are used as spacers between the block and the foundation.


When properly installed, deep-drilled concrete piers provide years of trouble-free foundation stability. This method is also the most cost- effective option available to homeowners.


Most building structures in the North Texas area sit on clay alkaline soils. Because they are pretty drought tolerant, they also tend to shrink in the short winter months and expand with our intense summer temperatures.

This constant movement, can impact the structure of your home.

Finding the right balance of watering enough but not overwatering for your home or building can improve your chances of needing extensive foundation repairs.

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