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Foundation Problems

There are several visible symptoms of foundation problems. Signs that may indicate foundation movement in the North Texas area include:

bulletExterior signs of Foundation Issues

bulletcracks in the brick and mortar
bulletseparation of brick or siding from windows or doors
bulletchimney shifts or pulling away from walls

bulletInterior signs of Foundation Issues

bulletcracks in the sheetrock over doors and windows
bulletwrinkling or separating sheetrock tape
bulletnails popping out of sheetrock near the ceiling
bulletdoors that won't close properly or doors with uneven gaps at the top
bulletsloping floors

Foundation Repair 101

Foundation Repair Tips

A season full of rain like we've had in North Dallas has the potential to introduce the initial signs of foundation repair by impacting the soils that lie beneath your foundation.

Even the most diligent of homeowners can be impacted despite their best efforts as foundation issues normally go undetected until cracks and uneven surfaces begin to appear.

Structures with water build up, improper downspouts, leaks and lack of water all contribute to future foundation issues. Home inspectors can provide a more detailed evaluation. Or you may contact us for a no-obligation estimate.