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Proper Foundation Management Practices

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Though most homes in Texas will experience some type of foundation issue, it's worth taking preventive measures. Some include:

bulletProper Watering & Drainage to Maintain Foundation Structures

bullet during long dry and heat spells we have water along foundation to provide constant moisture
bullet use soaker hoses along the homes foundation

bullet redistribute water away from home
bullet do not allow standing water or puddles to form for long periods of time
bullet regrade perimeter of foundation to usher water away from your home
bullet install or maintain your gutters to discharge rainwater approximately 18 inches away from your home
bullet check regularly for leaks and cracks near foundations

bulletProper Planting to Maintain Foundation Structures

bullet dont' plant trees too close to your foundation, certain trees have aggresive root systems
bullet shrubs should be planted with amended soils so that they can feed on soils rather than search for water
bullet use soil that has no clay consistency
bullet slope the ground to have runoff fall away from your home
bullet avoid planting trees that have shallow root systems or vines that attach to exterior walls

Foundation Repair 101
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Foundation Repair Tips

A season full of rain like we've had in North Dallas has the potential to introduce the initial signs of foundation repair by impacting the soils that lie beneath your foundation.

Even the most diligent of homeowners can be impacted despite their best efforts as foundation issues normally go undetected until cracks and uneven surfaces begin to appear.

Structures with water build up, improper downspouts, leaks and lack of water all contribute to future foundation issues. Home inspectors can provide a more detailed evaluation. Or you may contact us for a no-obligation estimate.