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Although CornerStone can repair a building's foundation, if any preexisting drainage problems aren't resolved, foundation problems can return. That's why CornerStone Foundation also specializes in drainage system installation, including area drains, French drains, and other solutions. We have years of experience in Dallas drainage system installations.


Drainage systems are used to provide moisture control at the supporting soil to minimize foundation movement. Specifically, drainage systems:

bulletmove trapped water away from the foundation

bullettrap and remove excess underground water

bulletprevent support soil from eroding away from your foundation


bulletArea Drains Systems and Installation
Area drains are used to drain low areas where water collects and supersaturates the soil, causing uneven foundation movement. If low areas cannot be filled, CornerStone replaces drain heads at the lowest points where water stands and an underground pipe system carries the water away.


bulletFrench Drains Systems and Installation

French drains are specially designed trenches where a perforated pipe wrapped in a special cloth that prevents soil and debris from clogging the drain holes. The pipe is covered in gravel. French drains are widely used to prevent surface runoff and ground water from saturating major foundation areas.


bulletSwales Systems and Installation

 Swales are gently sloping trenches used to drain large quantities of run-off water. If the property has enough slope, swales are simpler and less expensive alternatives to area and French drains.

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Whether from rain or sprinklers, water needs to drain through or lots of issues can arise. Too much moisture can destroy plants, cause fungus, increase mosquito activity and worse, slowly impact your home or building's foundation.

There are a number of options available to redirect the water to drain away from your home.

Contact us at Cornerstone Foundation Inc., so we can suggest the best solution for your drainage needs before it compromises the integrity of your home.