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Frequently asked questions about Foundation Repair
Q. What causes cracks in a home or an office building's foundation?
A. Cracks in a home or office building foundation in North Texas are generally symptoms of movement of an unstable structure caused by this area’s expansive clay soil, combined with periods of extreme moisture and poor drainage.  For example, pooling water from rain run-off from the roof or a sprinkler system can seep underneath the ground and cause a foundation to shift.  Likewise, structures built on back-fill lots are particularly vulnerable to weakened foundations because of air pockets in the soil and the overall soil composition.

Q. How can I tell if there is a foundation-settling problem?
A. Buckled foundation walls, cracked ceilings or walls and cracked or buckled interior concrete floors are all good indicators that there may be foundation-settling problems.  Contact CornerStone Foundation Repair as soon as these symptoms appear, as foundation problems rarely stabilize and may actually increase over time.

Q. How will I know for sure?
A. CornerStone Foundation Repair  can easily evaluate any foundation-related problem and determine whether repairs are needed.  Additionally CornerStone Foundation Repair will provide a price quote and a projection of how long it will take to complete the project as well as how many and what size piers will be required and why and where they should be placed.

Q. Will this action stop all settlement of the structure in the future?
A. Once a foundation has been strengthened with concrete piers, the potential for movement and settling in the repaired area is almost zero. Although the overall structure was stabilized, there is a remote possibility that areas of the building that were not repaired might be subject to future foundation problems if significant drainage problems are not resolved.

Q. Will all cracks in the brick walls close once the foundation is corrected?
A. Cracks in brick walls may or may not close once the foundation is corrected because they will shift in an unpredictable manner.  Many cracks will close completely,  and those that don't can be cosmetically corrected.   CornerStone Foundation Repair will be able to help determine any potential brickwork needs before beginning foundation repairs.
Foundation Repair 101

Foundation Repair Issues
Foundation Repair Cracks

The most obvious signs of foundation problems occur when you see the tell tale cracks on interior walls and exterior finishes.

When you select us to repair your foundation, we will do our very best to raise the concrete foundation slab to meet or match up to the remaining exterior structure. Sometimes though, the separation is not possible to match. But filling in the gaps with mortar many times resolves this. Normally cracks inside your home can just be repaired with minor cosmetic fixes.

For interior walls, sometimes patching the crack is all that is needed, but other times it's necessary to replace the drywall or trim.

Before we begin any work at CornerStone Foundation Inc, we will provide you a full assessment of what to expect before we begin the work.